As we all understand it, all of us would admit it that a picture says a thousand words, and when we implement this on business, a photo can earn you a lot more revenue compared to the old traditional methodologies, in today’s world of technology and e-commerce. We live in a visual world. A customer would walk into a store, look at what they want to buy, check it and then decide. So product photography is used to do the same, but in a more effective and efficient manner when the customer visits a store’s website. In fact, most brands and stores have been maintaining their official websites, so many consumers prefer to run through the web before deciding to visit a particular place. That is the main reason why businesses today, especially the ones following the glorious path of e-commerce, depend so much on product photography.


In the digital age, social media plays a colossal part in the world of the internet. Brands and companies are using social media to a great extent to attract buyers, and the websites are obviously there. For customers, a good photo is something that would make them browse about it, even more leading to a potential purchase from the customer. Good photography and videography are absolutely indispensable to maintain a good image in social media and on the web, whether it is a restaurant startup or commercial business of art crafts. There are many categories or classifications of it, it could be food photography or something like a commercial photoshoot, supposedly of dairy products of a dairy firm.  Product photographies compel buyers to dig into the product, the good high-resolution photos tempt them to buy it. In fact, if we look at some statistics, then we find out that Facebook posts with photos get 2.3 times more engagement in comparison to normal posts.

Let’s analyze the social media aspect of product photography with you guys a bit more. What do you think, product photography is an amazing inclusion in the world of business or is it something that does not make sense and is just a hole in the pocket? Would you pursue a career in product photography looking at the scenario right now? Do you think accomplished photographers would focus on product photography? Let us know and we will be discussing them later on.


Quality product images keep the store engagements much more vibrant. It also helps in the conversion of the customers’ minds to purchase from your store quitting the others and retain your original customers for a longer period of time. As a whole, it increases customer value. Before moving right into action it is quite important to know what kind of images to produce for websites and what kind of images for social media. They all may not be the exact same.

The budget is another essential part to look at in this case. A lot of equipment might be needed to be purchased as well as paying the product photographer who would be arranging all these. Proper coordination of a photographer is also needed. When a brand or a company take such initiatives, it requires a lot of patience and attention to detail.

In every business, there has to be a compromise, where something has to be given off to achieve something else. Understanding the plan, working accordingly, and convincing everyone is really sensitive and a difficult task to do. There are no shortcuts to that or any special tactics to avoid it. It needs thinking, and the rest is related to modern technology which is different.


It is tough to define product photography and explain the worth of it in words. But the thing is product photography is still very subjective, and it still isn’t a widely trusted marketing method. Well, it definitely can help businesses out there, especially those who are interested in e-commerce or startups. So would you invest your big bucks on something like this if you are just in the early stages of your business?

  1. It is undeniable that product photos are important to show the customers, but just how important are they? Let us go through some statistics extracted from a survey of e-commerce shoppers. The main takeaway from the survey is that almost 75 percent of the respondents have said that product photos are very influential and play a vital role in their choice of purchase, especially when they purchase online. This shows that product photography does its job pretty well as it is expected to do so.
  2. A subjective issue regarding product photography is that around 22 percent of online products get returned to the store mainly because the photo looks different than the actual product. So amazing photos can be bought out using expensive professional equipment but the linearity with the product’s practical look is also to be considered.  So accurate representation of the product is necessary. The term accurate is really important here as this saves a lot of money, and no one likes to deal with unhappy customers, as these may also lose sales.
  3. General photography and product photography are two different works. Both of them have their own type of objectives and require their own type of training. So a professional photographer can charge from $75 to $100 per hour, so this quite expensive. But here is a catch. One can have multiple products and batch them all together, so the cost comes down.
  4. Most of the bigger brands use white backgrounds, so this allows smaller brands or companies to play more with colors and designs. This could make a brand really unique, but the drawback of this is explained in number 2 of the list. More colors and components may make a photo look really nice and attractive, but the product may seem obsolete like that practically.
  5. Visual content is the most important and sensitive aspect of product photography. Visual content is almost 40 percent more likely to be shared on social media, so this could really publicize a brand and also help boost up sales which are the main target. Once a few people show interest in one’s products on the internet then, the publicity of that company will spread like a contagious disease. So product photography can lead to the rapid growth of a company. People who want to grow or expand quick, they can seek the use of product photography to help them out.

However, product photography is something that is still being experimented, so investing in this is quite a gamble. But at the same time, doing business is the biggest gamble of all. So it isn’t illogical to invest a bit more on something that could win them a lot of things. Furthermore, it is cheaper when compared to setting up a shop in the local market and end up in a loss by making a negligible amount of sales or at times, no sale at all.

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