Some people might think product photography isn’t as interesting or tough as living a subject’s photography- like shooting nature, animal, at a wedding party or any social occasion. But if you ask a professional Product photographer I am quite sure he will make you feel how much professionals need to burn the midnight oil forming a pretty product Design.

Before taking the first shoot an expert Photographer must fulfill some precondition includes- Organize shooting Set, Properly lighting the Studio, Optimize Colors, etc. Also, they must have good skills in after editorial photo application (i.e. – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc.) for perfectly post-processing & designing the products.

Here is the Guide for beginners to learn Complete Photo Editing.

But never give up. There still some hopes for creative minds! They find products photography much funs Endeavour and the chance of pushing their creativity to a new height.

In this article, I am going to show you – How products photographer work from the background towards branding a Digital Product or Service online.

A Professional Product Photographer always has a theme in his mind – “The idea sells the products.”

So the primary and first step is to generate an interesting idea for representing your Design targeting relevant audiences.

Picking up the right aperture, using a standard camera & lance, properly lighting the studio are the principles to make eye-catching product photography which can bring you a lot of attention from the visitors. And for finishing part product photographer must have after effect & editing skill on some specific photo editing software.

Here the table of content at a glance for your quick understanding of the topic-

  • Generate a classy Idea!
  • Pick Standard Camera & Lens
  • Setup Studio & lighting Properly
  • Properly Tone the Colors
  • Edit with Application
  • Finally, Publish the Product
  • Products Photographer Vs Wedding Photographer

Float an abstract idea!

When Product Photographer starts working for exclusive product Design- naturally the first step is to make a great idea to represent the product. For example, if you are designing for a Dog bowl then you can shoot the photo with a dog & some foods. That will much represent easily what you want to show in the image to the targeted audiences. It will help them quickly understand the product. You might think there is no need to include the dogs for the bowl design. But when you think deeper you can get that- including your dogs with the product will help drawing attention the people have a dog. So choose a suitable aperture and generate the best idea to represent your design to the targeted audience.

Pick Standard Camera & Lens

Yeah, it’s really important having a standard camera with wide angles lenses. Normally Product photographer uses a DSRL camera with a focal length up to 58mm.  The Normal lenses you can find in the Popular Online marketplaces are closest in perspective to the human eye. They are really also cool for product photography and affordable as well. But professional is not ready to compromise with the quality when it’s time to pick up suitable lenses with their camera.

Here you can find some suitable lenses with their real reviews.

Studio Setup & lighting

When designing a product, the Designer must ensure that – the background is removed properly. This is the part of Studio Setup and Lighting. They need to set up their studio so that it can be clearly separate products from the background. This will help to focus on every single edge of your product you shooting. Of course, the parameter of the lighting can be differences with specific eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, etc. But the general consensus is the same.

  • Set two lights pointing at the background to separate the product from the wall.
  • Set one light in front and another above of the product. To make sure the products are properly lit and the casting shadow is clearly removed.
  • Use diffusers with the Bulb to spread the light evenly around the products. This not fairs any overexposed spots on your final product design.
  • Take white paper and tape it all the horizon lines, floor, and background. This will give your product and background a seamless look!

Properly Tone the Colors

The best professional photographer usually has good Color knowledge. The color patterns and backgrounds need to be adjusted to focus only on the product. Properly tone the colors to look it’s natural and live is the skill you can barely found in the others type passionate occasional photographer. But it’s really essential to adjust the proper tone for the colors to make the best eye-catching design. And don’t forget to pay attention to your white balance.

Edit with Application

This is the technical skill part Pro designer must be a master with some photo editing applications. This process allows Designers to post-processing their products. Color editing, specific text design, give company credit or use logo will be easily completed with these popular photo editing applications. Some are based online and free totally (i.e.,  In this way, you can replace the original Background with any specific images or design your clients included with their requirements.

Publish the Product

Now it’s time to publish your final product design. But before pressing the send button think one more time and watch your work again. See your design on the media screens (i.e. Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone) and print a hard copy. Have a close & clear look into it. You can also ask close people to share their thought about the design. If found any fix them, only then publish your final Design.

Products Photographer Vs Wedding Photographer

Sometime people might think to hire a wedding photographer for their product Design. But from my personal experience, I can aware you to not waste your time & money on it. Professionals with good knowledge and experiences in any specific section make them perfectionists and experts with the possible mistakes in their works.

But the people who have no experience in Product photography increase the chance of such error on their design. Someone looking for hiring a product designer for their business should not always go for cheap services. Wise Businessman finds out a pro to ensure the best outputs form a unique Design. This is why experiences in the specific area create a great value for the professional photographer. These are the reasons why people should not hire a wedding photographer for their final design. They will make it pell-mell with two different things together. This may spoil all of your product design. So, I personally refer you to hire a professional product photographer to get unerring product designs all the time.

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