Here we are again with another showcase for you. This time we are showcasing some clothing photography examples. All three product photography categories are covered e-commerce, creative, and lifestyle product photography.

Making an impression on your customers is important. Good product images are a way to do that. Perfectly focused and detailed images help your customers to understand the product quality. And, for images with these two qualities, you should hire a professional. Here comes the product photography service we provide at Fonok’s Photobox.

Let’s have a look at our clothing photography works.

E-commerce Clothing Photography

In photographs, highlighting the actual color, and maintaining the actual shape of the product is very challenging. Also, e-commerce photos must contain every tiny detail of the product.

See some of our most recent E-commerce photos with perfect highlights and details of the product.



Lifestyle Clothing Photography

When customers purchase clothing online, they do not feel as comfortable as they would feel in a clothing store. The reason is the trial option they offer in the stores. This is why Lifestyle Photography is the most popular choice for clothing photography. Lifestyle images can easily show your customers, how your product would fit and look after wearing it.

Here are a few examples of our Lifestyle Photography sessions.



Creative Clothing Photography

Creative photos are great for engaging more customers on social media and websites. Here are two examples for your better understanding.


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