Social Awareness

Save Tree

“Forests are vanishing day by day just for our selfish needs resulting in deforestation. Have you ever given a thought to what will happen if deforestation continues?”

Earth is dying from the inside.
We, Humans, have become so much self-centered, ignorant. We forgot what keeps our nature alive. For the sake of industrialization, we have been destroying forest lands.
Our air is no longer safe to breathe. Oxygen is decreasing and Carbon is rapidly increasing in our air.

Many people already died as a consequence of environmental pollution. More people are falling victim to lung disease and cancer. Harmful viruses & bacterias are getting stronger and immune to the antibiotic.

So, It is high time we took the necessary steps to restore the balance of nature & life. We plant more trees, stop pollution. And most importantly raise awareness in every corner of the planet.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Iftekhar Emon
Ishtiak Ethen