Importance of Product Photography for your business

As we all understand it, all of us would admit it that a picture says a thousand words, and when we implement this on business, a photo can earn you a lot more revenue compared to the old traditional methodologies, in today’s world of technology and e-commerce. We live in a visual world. A customer would walk into a store, look at what they want to buy, check it and then decide. So product photography is used to do the same, but in a more effective and efficient manner when the customer visits a store’s website. In fact, most brands and stores have been maintaining their official websites, so many consumers prefer to run through the web before deciding to visit a particular place. That is the main reason why businesses today, especially the ones following the glorious path of e-commerce, depend so much on product photography.


In the digital age, social media plays a colossal part in the world of the internet. Brands and companies are using social media to a great extent to attract buyers, and the websites are obviously there. For customers, a good photo is something that would make them browse about it, even more leading to a potential purchase from the customer. Good photography and videography are absolutely indispensable to maintain a good image in social media and on the web, whether it is a restaurant startup or commercial business of art crafts. There are many categories or classifications of it, it could be food photography or something like a commercial photoshoot, supposedly of dairy products of a dairy firm.  Product photographies compel buyers to dig into the product, the good high-resolution photos tempt them to buy it. In fact, if we look at some statistics, then we find out that Facebook posts with photos get 2.3 times more engagement in comparison to normal posts.

Let’s analyze the social media aspect of product photography with you guys a bit more. What do you think, product photography is an amazing inclusion in the world of business or is it something that does not make sense and is just a hole in the pocket? Would you pursue a career in product photography looking at the scenario right now? Do you think accomplished photographers would focus on product photography? Let us know and we will be discussing them later on.


Quality product images keep the store engagements much more vibrant. It also helps in the conversion of the customers’ minds to purchase from your store quitting the others and retain your original customers for a longer period of time. As a whole, it increases customer value. Before moving right into action it is quite important to know what kind of images to produce for websites and what kind of images for social media. They all may not be the exact same.

The budget is another essential part to look at in this case. A lot of equipment might be needed to be purchased as well as paying the product photographer who would be arranging all these. Proper coordination of a photographer is also needed. When a brand or a company take such initiatives, it requires a lot of patience and attention to detail.

In every business, there has to be a compromise, where something has to be given off to achieve something else. Understanding the plan, working accordingly, and convincing everyone is really sensitive and a difficult task to do. There are no shortcuts to that or any special tactics to avoid it. It needs thinking, and the rest is related to modern technology which is different.


It is tough to define product photography and explain the worth of it in words. But the thing is product photography is still very subjective, and it still isn’t a widely trusted marketing method. Well, it definitely can help businesses out there, especially those who are interested in e-commerce or startups. So would you invest your big bucks on something like this if you are just in the early stages of your business?

  1. It is undeniable that product photos are important to show the customers, but just how important are they? Let us go through some statistics extracted from a survey of e-commerce shoppers. The main takeaway from the survey is that almost 75 percent of the respondents have said that product photos are very influential and play a vital role in their choice of purchase, especially when they purchase online. This shows that product photography does its job pretty well as it is expected to do so.
  2. A subjective issue regarding product photography is that around 22 percent of online products get returned to the store mainly because the photo looks different than the actual product. So amazing photos can be bought out using expensive professional equipment but the linearity with the product’s practical look is also to be considered.  So accurate representation of the product is necessary. The term accurate is really important here as this saves a lot of money, and no one likes to deal with unhappy customers, as these may also lose sales.
  3. General photography and product photography are two different works. Both of them have their own type of objectives and require their own type of training. So a professional photographer can charge from $75 to $100 per hour, so this quite expensive. But here is a catch. One can have multiple products and batch them all together, so the cost comes down.
  4. Most of the bigger brands use white backgrounds, so this allows smaller brands or companies to play more with colors and designs. This could make a brand really unique, but the drawback of this is explained in number 2 of the list. More colors and components may make a photo look really nice and attractive, but the product may seem obsolete like that practically.
  5. Visual content is the most important and sensitive aspect of product photography. Visual content is almost 40 percent more likely to be shared on social media, so this could really publicize a brand and also help boost up sales which are the main target. Once a few people show interest in one’s products on the internet then, the publicity of that company will spread like a contagious disease. So product photography can lead to the rapid growth of a company. People who want to grow or expand quick, they can seek the use of product photography to help them out.

However, product photography is something that is still being experimented, so investing in this is quite a gamble. But at the same time, doing business is the biggest gamble of all. So it isn’t illogical to invest a bit more on something that could win them a lot of things. Furthermore, it is cheaper when compared to setting up a shop in the local market and end up in a loss by making a negligible amount of sales or at times, no sale at all.

The Secrets reveal how Product Photographer works?

Some people might think product photography isn’t as interesting or tough as living a subject’s photography- like shooting nature, animal, at a wedding party or any social occasion. But if you ask a professional Product photographer I am quite sure he will make you feel how much professionals need to burn the midnight oil forming a pretty product Design.

Before taking the first shoot an expert Photographer must fulfill some precondition includes- Organize shooting Set, Properly lighting the Studio, Optimize Colors, etc. Also, they must have good skills in after editorial photo application (i.e. – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc.) for perfectly post-processing & designing the products.

Here is the Guide for beginners to learn Complete Photo Editing.

But never give up. There still some hopes for creative minds! They find products photography much funs Endeavour and the chance of pushing their creativity to a new height.

In this article, I am going to show you – How products photographer work from the background towards branding a Digital Product or Service online.

A Professional Product Photographer always has a theme in his mind – “The idea sells the products.”

So the primary and first step is to generate an interesting idea for representing your Design targeting relevant audiences.

Picking up the right aperture, using a standard camera & lance, properly lighting the studio are the principles to make eye-catching product photography which can bring you a lot of attention from the visitors. And for finishing part product photographer must have after effect & editing skill on some specific photo editing software.

Here the table of content at a glance for your quick understanding of the topic-

  • Generate a classy Idea!
  • Pick Standard Camera & Lens
  • Setup Studio & lighting Properly
  • Properly Tone the Colors
  • Edit with Application
  • Finally, Publish the Product
  • Products Photographer Vs Wedding Photographer

Float an abstract idea!

When Product Photographer starts working for exclusive product Design- naturally the first step is to make a great idea to represent the product. For example, if you are designing for a Dog bowl then you can shoot the photo with a dog & some foods. That will much represent easily what you want to show in the image to the targeted audiences. It will help them quickly understand the product. You might think there is no need to include the dogs for the bowl design. But when you think deeper you can get that- including your dogs with the product will help drawing attention the people have a dog. So choose a suitable aperture and generate the best idea to represent your design to the targeted audience.

Pick Standard Camera & Lens

Yeah, it’s really important having a standard camera with wide angles lenses. Normally Product photographer uses a DSRL camera with a focal length up to 58mm.  The Normal lenses you can find in the Popular Online marketplaces are closest in perspective to the human eye. They are really also cool for product photography and affordable as well. But professional is not ready to compromise with the quality when it’s time to pick up suitable lenses with their camera.

Here you can find some suitable lenses with their real reviews.

Studio Setup & lighting

When designing a product, the Designer must ensure that – the background is removed properly. This is the part of Studio Setup and Lighting. They need to set up their studio so that it can be clearly separate products from the background. This will help to focus on every single edge of your product you shooting. Of course, the parameter of the lighting can be differences with specific eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, etc. But the general consensus is the same.

  • Set two lights pointing at the background to separate the product from the wall.
  • Set one light in front and another above of the product. To make sure the products are properly lit and the casting shadow is clearly removed.
  • Use diffusers with the Bulb to spread the light evenly around the products. This not fairs any overexposed spots on your final product design.
  • Take white paper and tape it all the horizon lines, floor, and background. This will give your product and background a seamless look!

Properly Tone the Colors

The best professional photographer usually has good Color knowledge. The color patterns and backgrounds need to be adjusted to focus only on the product. Properly tone the colors to look it’s natural and live is the skill you can barely found in the others type passionate occasional photographer. But it’s really essential to adjust the proper tone for the colors to make the best eye-catching design. And don’t forget to pay attention to your white balance.

Edit with Application

This is the technical skill part Pro designer must be a master with some photo editing applications. This process allows Designers to post-processing their products. Color editing, specific text design, give company credit or use logo will be easily completed with these popular photo editing applications. Some are based online and free totally (i.e.,  In this way, you can replace the original Background with any specific images or design your clients included with their requirements.

Publish the Product

Now it’s time to publish your final product design. But before pressing the send button think one more time and watch your work again. See your design on the media screens (i.e. Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone) and print a hard copy. Have a close & clear look into it. You can also ask close people to share their thought about the design. If found any fix them, only then publish your final Design.

Products Photographer Vs Wedding Photographer

Sometime people might think to hire a wedding photographer for their product Design. But from my personal experience, I can aware you to not waste your time & money on it. Professionals with good knowledge and experiences in any specific section make them perfectionists and experts with the possible mistakes in their works.

But the people who have no experience in Product photography increase the chance of such error on their design. Someone looking for hiring a product designer for their business should not always go for cheap services. Wise Businessman finds out a pro to ensure the best outputs form a unique Design. This is why experiences in the specific area create a great value for the professional photographer. These are the reasons why people should not hire a wedding photographer for their final design. They will make it pell-mell with two different things together. This may spoil all of your product design. So, I personally refer you to hire a professional product photographer to get unerring product designs all the time.

Best Product Photographer: The First And The Most Important Part Of A Business In The Digital Platform

Best Product Photographer

Product photography is the most crucial aspect of your online store or digital platform. Are you looking for the best product photographer for your online business? If yes, then look no further, as we are the first and only one specialized product photography company.

We live in a visual world, and people are more attracted to visually appealing things. A customer walks into a store because they like what they see from the outside. Likewise, when a customer lands on your online store page, images are the things they see first. If they like what they are seeing, then they will keep on browsing and perhaps even buy something.

It is very tough to find the best product photographer. In Bangladesh, no company delivers the product photography service. We are the first and specialized company to start this business, and we are the best in our country.

If you are trying to convince people to buy your stuff, then digital product photography is the most critical aspect. In this era of digitalization, the online store is growing more and more. Sometimes online shopping is time-efficient and even economical. You can’t ignore the power of an image. So, if you do not include exceptional photos of your products, then you are losing out potential customers.

It might be the difference between making a sale and losing customers. The images of your site will keep your visitors on your website for a longer time. They will see the image before reading any text on your website, so you need to make sure that your images are looking awesome.

The first interaction will be the key, and good communication depends on the quality of your image. You have to convince people with visual elements by showing them the proper value of your products.

Images Are A Key Elements Of Your Branding

You should do branding in everything you do, from designing your store to your social media taglines. Your branding speaks loudly to your target customers or audience, and successful brands understand the importance of creating relationships with customers. You have to resonate with your buyers by using your brand voice and personality. Images are a vital element of your brand voice and personality.

If you can resonate with your customers and add value to their lives, then they become active and loyal promoters of your products (you don’t even need to pay them). If you can make your product visually appealing, then you can build trust and make your products more desirable. That means, ultimately, you will notice more sales.

The images you use across your all-digital platform radiates your brand’s identity. Some of these below-given elements define your brand :

  • Saturation
  • Color Pallete
  • Shadows
  • Focal Length
  • Composition
  • Location and Context

Your images enrich your content and speak louder to your target customers. There is so much competition in online business, so you need to add value with your content to stand apart from other brands. You tell us about your requirements, and we will deliver the best product photographer for you. We will keep in mind everything before taking pictures of your product.

Photography Is An Important Part Od Any Creative Strategy

Images grab and hold customer attention, from their very first impression, so you have to make sure the images are resonating and unique. We all know the internet is flooded with visual content, but only a handful of it influences customer emotions and improves non-verbal communication. That is the primary and actual difference generic photos and product photography that tells a story with your product, color themes, and setting.

Your strategy relies on images to increase engagement, improve understanding, and inspire customers to take action. For that, you have to create dynamic, timeless, and emotional photos that change customer’s perception and ultimately drive sales. Your images must convey your value proposition and tell a story in a visual voice that resonates with your customer.

Stats And Facts On The Importance Of Images

Generally, all the people form their first impression within just 50 milliseconds, and that is less than half a glance. To make it count, the quality of your images have to be top-notch. Research shows that more than half of online shoppers believe that product photos are more important than product reviews, ratings, and information.

Your images work as a window into your store, and the more representative you can make them, the more customers trust you. Eventually, they will purchase from your online store. Your photos have to engaging and upbeat enough to hold your target audience on your store. On the contrary, those sellers that do not put enough effort into their product photos don’t enjoy good conversion rates.

Product Photography Enhances All Buyer Interactions

Your product images serve not only on your product page but also across your store and all marketing channels. They are like your ambassadors. Photos help your buyers to decide whether to but or not. Your images do a lot of the legwork, from grabbing attention with an excellent social media post to an email with casual images, physical flyers, and banners that convert to your product page.

While posting on social media pages, you can be more productive with your product photography. When a customer land on a collection page, you are showcasing all your product line where images are doing most of the talking. Your pictures will build trust at each touchpoint, and this means higher conversion and retention rates.


Now, i hope you understand the importance of good product photography. To do that, you have to hire someone who is an expert in product photography. We are here to help you find the best product photographer.

We are the best and only product photography service provider in our country. So, if you are looking for the best product photographer, then contact us, and we will help you to reach your desired goals.

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